Catalytic Converter Recycling Promotes A Clean Environment

Platinum is a valuable metal contained within a catalytic converter that may be extracted when the converter is no longer functioning. Converter Guy delivers the highest values for scrap converters. Click here for a free quote for the value of your scrap converter.

A significant portion of platinum supplied to world markets is used in the production of catalytic converters for the sole purpose of regulating emissions to improve air quality. Due to this benefit, the demand for platinum has expanded beyond catalytic converter manufacturing to the possibility of other car parts producing emissions. These rising demands have contributed to the increase in platinum prices, therefore, making scrap catalytic converters all the more attractive for recycling!

Catalytic converters are used to filter harmful emissions within a converter. There are approximately 3 to 7 grams of platinum in a standard catalytic converter. Platinum continues to be one of the rarest, most sought-after precious metals. Found and mined primarily in South Africa and Russia, about eight tons of ore is mined to produce just one ounce of platinum! Beyond its undeniable allure in jewelry production, it has significant implications for industrial usages as well. This metal is used in products ranging from fuel cells to computer hard drives and LCDs. Platinum’s usefulness lies in the fact that it is corrosion-proof and has a very high melting point. Also, it is highly conductive.

All catalytic converters manufactured for automobiles contain platinum. Typically, some import auto models have larger catalytic converters, which in turn, contain more significant amounts of platinum. If you have a scrap converter, contact Converter Guy for the best price for recycling your scrap converter. You will be helping the environment as well as putting some cash in your pocket.