David Kagan’s Acting School

david-kagan-150x150Acting is a time honored profession with all the glitz and glamor that dreams are made of. Unfortunately few of us stop to think about the hard work and dedication that actors endure to craft their skills. If you are ready to seek a professional acting career, attend acting classes Los Angeles -David Kagan to practice and achieve those skills that will allow you to compete with others for those coveted roles in film.

Greatness is seldom achieved in isolation. If you want to master the acting profession,  you will need a strong technical foundation from profession actors. We have state of the art instructors to guide you through this dynamic process of expanding your persona.  You will find these  classes to be extremely supportive. The acting instructional curriculum includes on-camera practice where you will be filmed on a split screen, cold-reading techniques, and extensive instruction in the business of acting. You and your peers will critique each other with recommendations from the instructor. At David Kagen’s School of Film Acting there are  12 students in each class and you will have the opportunity to practice acting twice during each class.

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